ViceVersa Pro 4 Build 4005 cracked

ViceVersa is a powerful software for synchronizing and backing up your important information. The main activity of this software is file synchronization/replication, backup and file compression, and it is designed to be applicable on all Windows.
Features of ViceVersa software:
The possibility of synchronizing (syncing, equalizing) files, copying folders, making backup copies and compressing files and folders
The ability to work with all computers such as home systems (PC), laptops, workstations and servers in the form of WAN, LAN, VPN networks, as well as the ability to work with all external memories and disks such as hard disk CDs, CDs, DVDs and NAS
Display all the changes on the file and complete data control by the received data
Two-way synchronization, quick backup due to fully flexible archive, automatic copying of files and folders, CRC file comparison and ensuring the duplicate file is identical.
The ability to compress and encrypt while the user is busy synchronizing, archiving and reviewing files
Ability to manage large servers with hundreds of gigabytes of data
Reliable storage of data on workstations
And …

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