R-Drive Image 7.0.7005 cracked version

R-Drive Image is a software for backing up Windows. By using R-Drive Image software, you can install and set up a system more easily and quickly, especially in networks and Internet cafes, and wherever there are several systems with the same specifications, you can install Windows and side programs. and network settings, etc. on one of the systems and take an image of it, perform the installation steps in the rest of the systems through the image in order to save our time. With R-Drive Image, you can easily take an image from your Wi-Fi or burn them easily, and you can create an image from the hard disk and from different partitions. It can be useful for taking an image from Windows and restoring Windows in the shortest possible time. And to take an image, there is no need to stop in other work, and you can save it directly without saving it (on the fly) in any available devices such as D-R(W)/DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks.
Features of R-Drive Image
Image from all sources without volume limit or image from a complete drive
The ability to create a graphic boot for the program
Ability to compress and zip image files
Direct burning on CD and DVD

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