QILING Disk Master Technician 6.0.2 cracked version

QILING Disk Master is a complete software in the field of backing up hard drive content and managing disks and partitions, which covers all the needs in the field of recovering lost data and damaged systems as quickly as possible. QILING Disk Master program is an advanced and reliable backup and recovery tool for commercial and home systems that provides users with the possibility of performing backup operations.
The user interface of QILING Disk Master program has four sections, including virtual disk, backup and recovery, disk management and tools, which have the following capabilities and features.
The virtual disk tool is used to simulate a real hard disk drive in order to prevent data deletion and facilitate a software testing environment.
These tools are effective in increasing the speed of the computer.
Full system protection allows for easy backup and recovery of the entire operating system.
The ability to safely and quickly transfer data from the system to an SSD memory card or a larger hard disk in order to update by replacing the disk.

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