Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17.20.11 cracked version

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a powerful software that contains all the tools you need to manage and support your hard drive in the advanced Paragon Hard Disk Manager software. Paragon Hard Disk Manager software allows you advanced partitioning without data loss, regular system and data recovery, fixing any system boot problems, managing and switching between multiple operating systems, putting a new drive into service, setting up a secure binary boot environment. It provides flawless execution of multiple operating systems on similar computers, copying old hard drives and creating new hard drives, and regular backup and automatic management of them. This package is flexible and supports a wide range of software and hardware.
Features of Paragon Hard Disk Manager software
Equipped with advanced hard disk maintenance tools
Putting the new HDD into operation and spreading the hard drive into different partitions
The ability to Backup/Restore hard drives, partitions regularly and with advanced timing
Support for pre-built backup files
The ability to repair and restore Windows on different types of hardware or virtual machines
Optimizing and integrating hard drives
Ability to move data
The possibility of erasing data without going back
And …

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