KLS Backup Pro 2021 v11.0.1.4 cracked version

KLS Backup is a software that allows you to make backup files of your data. This software allows you to make a backup of the information inside the computer; It gives files in the internal network, ftp servers and CD/DVD. The best solution to free up hard disk space is to get data backup files and delete them from the hard disk. KLS Backup creates backup files of your personal information and frees up hard disk space. KLS Backup, which you download from Soft 98, can save the backup file uncompressed or compressed with (Zip), 7-Zip or SQX format.
KLS Backup makes it possible to save (information on the computer; files on the internal network, ftp servers and CD/DVD) from registry keys, MySQL databases, profiles in “Outlook Express” and “Mozilla Thunderbird” software, as well as settings For other software, prepare a backup file and burn it on a CD/DVD or save it on the hard disk with Iso and Zip formats. It is very easy to work with this software and all the parts are based on Wizard, so you can make a backup of the parts you want in a few seconds. KLS Backup is able to find the desired backup file and restore them within a few seconds. KLS Backup allows you to easily synchronize information in two different folders.

Features of KLS Backup software
preparing a backup file of the information in the computer; Internal network files, ftp servers and CD/DVD
Definitely save the backup file on the computer hard drive or internal network
Save backup file directly on CD/DVD (for computers that have CD/DVD burning feature)
Save the backup file directly on ftp servers (SSL/TLS support)
Ability to backup locked files or files that are open
KLS Backup runs as a Windows service
Predefined settings for backup. (plugins)
Advanced management of archives
The ability to synchronize the information of one folder with another folder on the computer or internal network
The ability to synchronize the information of a folder on a computer or internal network with an ftp server
Easy access for beginners, advanced settings for professionals
Complete and advanced backup of files
Register events and events that happened in the program and send them to Email
Has timing for defined commands
Restore data in reverse with changeable options

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