Auslogics BitReplica + Portable cracked version

Auslogics BitReplica is a utility software designed to back up files in case of accidental data loss, corruption or theft. The BitReplica program has advanced settings that are simple and possible for the average beginner user to configure. In this program, it is possible to regularly back up files, use multiple backup modes, and change data compression settings based on your needs. To use this program, you need to specify the desired items for backup. These items can be predefined (Firefox and Chrome profile) or specified files and folders, and the storage location such as different disks, external memories or online storage must also be specified.
Auslogics BitReplica software provides different backup methods, the simplest mode is to copy only the desired files to the specified destination, and in this method, the old files in the destination folder are not deleted, while in the backup method In addition to copying new files, old files are also deleted. In the full backup method, multiple existing backups are preserved and the reference file is completely transferred each time. The incremental backup method is the same as the full backup method, but with the difference that it first creates a full backup and then updates it with unchanged files from the previous backup. Differential backup is another backup method that is more similar to the incremental method, but the difference between these two methods is that this method only transfers unchanged files from the previous backup. This program has the ability to perform regular backups on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

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